Roomba Art!

Move over Mary Poppins, you’re not the only one who knows how to make cleaning fun. There’s a whole community of folks that make art by dimming the lights, opening the exposure on their camera and letting their Roomba go to town on a dirty floor.

Our co-worker Barbara told us about this, and it almost makes us want to run out and buy one. They also covered this on Unplggd. We especially like the spirals it occasionally makes (in the room above they look like a cross between crop circles and what John Madden does to the TV when he diagrams football plays).

Apparently, the way to achieve this is to set a looooong (15-45 minute) exposure on your camera and put it on on a tripod. The Roomba has a built-in light that makes the lines, and the light even changes color (blue) when it encounters particularly heavy dirt, or (orange) when it is running low on batteries.

And if thats not enough, it looks like you can also attach a pen or marker to the Roomba and have it double as a Spirograph. Now if you could only teach it to draw a snowflake, we’d be all set for Christmas cards.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)