Roomba Pet Series: Cleans After your Pets

published Sep 3, 2008
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If you’re an AT fan with a dog who has an affinity for shedding (if you’re like me, he sheds more hair than it looks like he has on his body), then you know what a pain it is to keep your space looking good under the carpet of dog hair that rests on top. IRobot’s Roombas have always been a favorite of pet owners for the little upkeep required to reap the results of a twice-daily room vacuuming. Now, iRobot has released a line just for pet owners like us!

iRobot introduced today the newest addition to its line of vacuum cleaning robots, the Roomba Pet Series Vacuum Cleaning Robot.

Designed with pet owners in mind, the new Roomba 532 and 562 Pet Series Robots come equipped with an extra set of brushes, a high capacity sweeper bin for trapping more pet hair or kitty litter, and new tools that make sure both sets of brushes remain clean. Their sweeper bins hold three-and-a-half times more stuff than the vacuum bin, and counter-rotating brushes reach deep into carpets to pull out pet hair and dander.

The 532 Pet Series Vacuum Cleaning Robot, priced at $349, cleans up to three standard-sized rooms on each charge. It comes with two Virtual Walls that confine and guide the Roomba from room to room and then return it to its Home Base when it’s done vacuuming. The Roomba 532 also includes a light-touch bumper, advanced anti-tangle technology and the ability to instantly adjust from carpets to hard flooring.

The 562 Pet Series Robot, priced at $399, does a little better, featuring an extra set of brushes and cleaning up to four standard-sized rooms on a single charge. The Roomba 562 also includes an on-board scheduling function, so it can be programmed to automatically clean up to seven days a week, even when owners are away.

Does anybody have a Roomba? Does it do well cleaning after your pets?