Ross & Amanda take the heartland...

Ross & Amanda take the heartland...

Maxwell Ryan
Dec 10, 2004

Up to the wire. With a late night push in the Western Hemisphere, we saw some real come from behind action, pumping up our overall vote total by nearly double. Gosh, our servers got hit so hard, we needed to have our team of highly trained technicians burn the midnight oil and get more servers online. There were even suspicions of fraudulent COOKIE voting, as Ben got attacked by the Riverboat Veterans for Peace. Our martial arts undercover special forces investigators are still at work on those horrible allegations.

Even as we are hung over from too many holiday parties last night and overconsumed with reading comments, the final decision is:

1. ROSS & AMANDA - at 373 votes
2. BEN - at 276 votes
3. VICTORIA - at 35 votes

Congratulations to Ross & Amanda! Three cheers for Ben for playing the Rogue, AND three cheers for Victoria for not splitting the vote!

While Ross & Amanda WIN our free closet makeover, Ben and Victoria will recieve prizes for 2nd and 3rd place (a gift certificate for Goodwill? a pitchfork?).

And a special prize will go to Noa, Melissa and Erica for entering the most disfunctional closet which requires not a closet professional, but a contractor and apartment renovation (a gift certificate to the lumber yard? a bag of jelly bellies?)


and get your digital cameras ready for our next contest in February:



Here were very few of the highlights:

Ben 200 votes in 2hours. cheater

Wow- Victoria. Now that is a closet that would create really good TV.

Man, I feel sorry for Victoria. Where was she in all of this? What happened? She never got out of the blocks! Her horse collapsed and she got trampled by the carriages.

Do you people really think that "weirdass" is spelled "wierdass?"

We like Hello Kitty! and we like this "Ben," he look cute in pink backpack, just like Powerpuff Girl!

If I understand one of the above posts correctly, Ben or one of his friends just requested that he be awarded a "Hello Kitty microwave" as runner-up. That's one of the saddest things I've ever heard.

What is this, the Ohio version of American Idol? Ben is one person, Amanda and Ross are two people (presumably) with TWICE as many friends and two families. As Ben's cat's friends and family cannot vote, this contest seems unfairly tilted.
All I am saying, Is give Ben a chance....

ben's closet is the messiest closet and as a new voter, I just want to say I see more hate mail rather than "messy votes".

Hey Monroe, are you retarded?????

Speaking of silly, this entire website just got taken over by craiglist junkies, ex-BBS'ers, and people who don't want to be productive at work today.

Ben's closet is not his problem. His stuff is. His closet is a plain rectangle - not a design challenge in any sense. Ross and Amanda, however, have an impossibly shaped closet. They can only use about 33% of it.

The WINNER here is Ben. His closet is the result of a hardworking person who obviously has no time left for organizing a closet.

no se si esta energia negativa es el producto de los esfuerzos de Amanda y Ross, pero espero que ellos no esten haciendo nada hacia ese fin porque tanta karma volvera. suerte, amigos...suerte.

you fat americans. arguing over a free closet shelf is simply bizarre.

i think ben is the funniest. i vote for him for that reason.

I think Ben's finally getting mad and posting fake comments.

In all fairness to Ben, if we get pee sample from him, we should get pee samples from all the contestants....

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