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This Weekend: Start This Simple System Now & Save Money For Years To Come

updated Apr 30, 2019
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The benefits of rotation are everywhere: when you plant crops, adjust your tires, or while serving on a volleyball team. The practice distributes a collective burden over a wider area, letting soil, treads, or players rest while someone or something else takes over for awhile. Use this with your household stuff as well and you’ll get more life out of everything you own, and save money in the process. Plus, with every switch, things feel and look new again.

This Weekend’s Assignment: Rotate, flip or swap out household items so they last longer, work better, and feel new again.

Big Ticket Items: Prevent body-shaped dips in your bed, and alternate between flipping and rotating your mattress every season. Similarly, rotate your rugs so the traffic wear and tear doest’t just happen in one spot. Lastly, flip over your couch cushions so any fading happens on both sides.

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Household Favorites: You might have a special mug that’s your go-to in the morning. Or a particularly soft set of sheets that you use over and over again. Don’t let your love for them go stale. Put them away for awhile and bring out others to serve instead.

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Children’s Toys: Create several collections of toys and then rotate periodically. You won’t have your kids’ entire collection out at once, and they will get excited to see stuff that’s been put away for awhile. Just make sure there’s enough variety in each set.

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Remember, as with all of our Weekend Projects, just do what you have the time and energy to do. And hey, if you don’t feel like rotating anything, choose one of our other weekend projects to get done.

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@felicitybrigham got her balcony and prepped and ready to go for the season! Looks like she’s already enjoyed a glass of beer out there too….

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