Roughing It: Tent Bedrooms

Ok ok, so we know that none of these tents can actually be considered roughing it, but that’s what we typically associate with tents and camping. All that dread gets thrown out the window when we look at these beautiful tent bedrooms and we just want to close our eyes and pretend we’re sleeping in them right now!

We’ve sent up our camping tent in the living room before with a mattress and the luxurious sheets, blankets and pillows from our bed and it was an amazing experience. It was a mini vacation for a night and while we were in that tent with it zipped up and the lights off — we could have been anywhere. We’ve been itching to take it one step further and erect a tent from sheets and bedding around our actual bed (just for fun) and after looking at these inspirational tent bedrooms we think we’re ready for it!

What do you think of these tent bedrooms? Would you want one in your home?

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