Dorm Room Inspiration: Twin Beds

When you move into a dorm, there are a lot of rules about what you can and can’t do, but bedding is one area where you have free reign. You can dress your standard-issue bed with prints, patterns, neutrals…whatever you want. For inspiration, we’ve rounded up some good examples of stylin’ twin beds…

1 Marie arranged her bed on an angle and decorated it with a sunny yellow print.
2 Garrett keeps his bed clean and simple, with a few bedside accessories.
3 A light installation transforms this basic bed in North London.
4 A bungalow bedroom from Country Living uses purple as an accent color.
5 A bed in Michelle Kaufmann’s Smart Home is decked out in color.

6 Elizabeth and Ben’s patchwork bed looks comfy and cozy.
7 Beds at le 33 in Paris use a contrasting neutral color scheme.
8 An all-white bedroom from Casa Angelina in Italy looks spare and chic.
9 A minimal dorm room forgoes the bed frame in favor of a low-slung look.
10 A storage bed at 1237 West at DePaul University gets a boost of color.