Roundup: 10 Tips to Travel Greener!

Roundup: 10 Tips to Travel Greener!

Adrienne Breaux
Aug 18, 2008

We've been seeing lots of great getaway posts this month at AT, from great resources to help us make our getaway to gorgeous places to escape to. Don't think you have to put a stop to your green living ways when you go on vacation, though. We've compiled ten great tips to help you travel greener!

  1. Leave your home as green as you can while you're away: turn off the airconditioner, unplug appliances and leave off as many lights as your comfortable with doing. Don't forget to stop your newspaper!
  2. Use electric tickets instead of paper tickets. You'll save paper and money (if you lose your paper one and have to replace it)
  3. Walk everywhere and explore local transportation instead of renting a car to get around. If you must rent a car, considering renting a hybrid or smart car.
  4. Stay at eco-minded lodges and hotels. Research your lodging options and see what their policies on the environment are.
  5. Participate in your hotel's linen program: let your hotel know that you won't need your linens or towels washed during your stay. You'll help them save loads of water!

  6. Don't leave lights or airconditioner units on at your hotel when you go out.

  7. Don't add to packaging waste by grabbing up those mini soaps and shampoos.

  8. Try not to use more water than you would at your own home, even if a bubble bath or two might be your idea of a relaxing trip.

  9. Try to refrain from taking all the free brochures and maps that you see when exploring tourist spots, only borrow the ones you really need.

  10. Never take "souvenirs" of natural objects if you are vacationing in a natural environment. If hiking, remember to "pack in, pack out" anything that you use.

To see a list of hotels around the country that participate in green living or more green travel tips, visit the Green Hotels Association online.

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