Roundup: Affordable Burglar-Proof Home Tips

Roundup: Affordable Burglar-Proof Home Tips

Adrienne Breaux
Aug 3, 2009

We recently came across a disturbing news story: apartment burglaries in Austin have risen 80% this year. Due in part to the bad economic situation, we bet that other cities across the country are experiencing rising burglary statistics, too. We've rounded up affordable ways to protect your house or apartment, as well as some previous Apartment Therapy posts on the subject...

You don't have to invest in a huge home alarm system or adopt big dogs to protect your house or apartment if you go out of town. Here are a few affordable ways to keep the burglars away:

  • Go with a house sitter The more activity around your home the better, so see if a friend is willing to stay at your home while you're away---and offer to housesit for them on their next vacation.
  • Get a timer for electronic devices Not just for lights, you can put a timer on your radios or televisions to help make it seem like someone is in your house when you're not there.
  • Buy sirens to attach to doors and windows These handy devices are ultra-affordable at the hardware store and make a loud noise if a burglar tries to get into your home.
  • Place a block in your sliding door You can keep burglars out of one of the easiest doors to break into by placing a block or piece of wood at the bottom of your sliding door, preventing it from opening.
  • Trim hedges and landscaping Make sure you don't provide any areas for burglars to get into a window or door unseen from the street by trimming back hedges, bushes and trees.
  • Display an alarm sign Yes, even if you don't really have an alarm system, a sign can be an affordable way to keep burglars out.

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What are your favorite affordable burglar-proof home tips? Do you feel like some work better than others? Do you live in Austin and have recently been burglarized? Please share your stories and tips to help out other readers!

(Image: Gregory Han)

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