Roundup: Affordable Home Security Solutions

Roundup: Affordable Home Security Solutions

Gregory Han
Apr 21, 2009

With the economy in the trash bin, crime of opportunity like burglaries are expected to increase. Although the well to do can afford elaborate home security systems, what are those with more modest incomes to do when it comes to home security? Below are a few budget home tech security options that warn and prevent without having to rob your own bank account...

The Fake TV simulates like you're home alone again watching reruns of LOST, the small device replicating the visual effects of a 'a typical 27" HDTV LCD television'. Built in light sensor and timer keeps your power use in check too.

The old school wedge alarm is as basic as it gets, but it's an effective and low cost deterrent and alarm for windows, doors and even for on-the-go travel. 110dB alarm makes sure you'll be awaken if someone is sneaking into your house at night. And at $16 a pop, these are affordable to just about anyone.

Here's something we've purchased and installed ourselves in our own apartment area. The affordable LED motion sensor light has transformed a once dark section of our stairway where miscreants and drunks once convalesced and did much worse into a brightly lit section that hasn't been littered ever since installation. We've had it more months now and the batteries still are working fine even with daily use. An excellent purchase and security purchase for just $30.

We once had a non-working security camera (it wasn't yet wired) installed on our 2nd floor window and noticed how much it affected our neighbor's behaviour. They were amused, but also curious, about whether they were being filmed and liked the concept of surveillance. Even a fake camera can be a deterrent for would-be burglars, especially if the camera is mounted far up and moves/blinks like a real one. Fake dummy security cams with motion sensors and shaped like real brand models are available for $20 and up.

Other low cost home security solutions are a simple timer for lights. We use this when we're away on short weekend excursions. We're not really sure how effective a faux dog barking system is in practice, but it's surely more affordable than raising your own German Shepard (though nowhere as fun), and maybe enough of deterrent for burglars with a canine phobia. But the number one way to keep your home safe is to talk/work with your neighbors and discuss looking out for one another via a neighborhood watch group. A group looking out for one another's well being will trump an individual looking out for themselves.

Any other affordable devices people have used to recommendable success out there?

[Creative Commons Photo: lunajubilee]

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