Black for the Bathroom

Black is back. Actually, it never really went anywhere but people are starting to feel more and more comfortable with using it as a color for their interior walls. Here at Apartment Therapy, we’ve seen every room in the house painted black and we never get tired of seeing it. Check out these fabulous bathrooms that may inspire you to let out your dark side.

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1. Black tile throughout. Looks great but you will most likely have to keep the Tilex close by. Jimmy Schönning’s Bathroom

2. Perfect idea for a bar. Now all they need is matching toilet paper. Hot or Not? Black Bathroom with Neon

3. Perfect black accents for a bathroom in your country home. Black and White Bathrooms

4. Simplistic living for those without neighbors. Inspiration: Dark Interiors

5. An AT favorite where black and gold work together wonderfully. Look! A Black Bathroom

6. Loving everything about this bathroom: the mirror, the tub, even the chandelier. Paint it Black: A Norwegian Apartment