Roundup: Board Games To Help Beat The Heat

Roundup: Board Games To Help Beat The Heat

Sarah Rae Smith
Jun 24, 2009

Although this month is all about the outdoors, we've been stuck inside for days now, with temperatures in the Midwest maxing out well over 100 degrees. Instead of turning on the TV we've been digging through our board games for entertainment. Click through the jump to find 10 of our favorite games that inspire the young, competitive and inquisitive minds in your household...

We've spent a fair amount of time working for local school districts and have had the pleasure of testing our more educational games than you can shake a stick at. A great game should transcend ages, grades and be just as fun for adults as they are kids and that's what we've tried to represent below.

All of the games we have listed here are ones that we've logged more than a few hours played and enjoyed every minute of it!

The games pictured above are bolded below.
Blokus: for $22.92 from Amazon. Blokus can be found at most major big box stores and is hands down our favorite game... ever! There is a smaller travel version available for those with less space to hold a game (the pieces however, are smaller).

Chocolate Fix: for $15.29 from Fat Brain Toys. We secretly still play this game even when there's no kids in sight. We still can't quite master it and will taunt you from the next room to come play. It doesn't hurt that it looks like candy either. Mmmm candy.

Traverse - 20th Anniversary Edition: for $29.95 from Fat Brain Toys. Traverse is an oldie but a goodie and is like Chineese Checkers and Chess all rolled into one. It's easier than chess by far, but encourages children to think about their next move long before it happens!

Big Brain Academy: for $23.95 from Fat Brain Toys. Big Brain Academy, just like it's Nintendo DS big brother, it encourages intellectual thinking, problem solving and memory. It's great for a large group or just a few players. Best for ages 8 and up.

Zingo: for $14.21 on Amazon. Zingo is great for kids of any age, although we suggest 2 and up. It's like Bingo, but visual and with pictures of animals. Plus, there's a cool slidey thing that is irresistible to play with.

Connect Four: for $19.99 from Amazon. We've all played it and most likely, love it! It's hard when games go quick keeping short attention spans occupied. Plus, if a few pieces end up missing, it's not the end of the world!

No Stress Chess: for $17.95 from Fat Brain Toys. Even if you never learned how to play chess, don't assume your child won't want to play either. In our past experience, everyone wants to know how to play this great classic game. No Stress Chess takes the worry out of what pieces moves where and helps kids and adults alike play with confidence.

Hyper Dash: for $22.58 from Amazon. Although this isn't technically a board game, it is perfect for inside fun when the weather won't allow you to head outside. It is perfect for 1 player or a whole crowd. Teaches colors, math, and agility. Everyone is sure to be cheering soon!

Guess Who Extra: for $34.80 from Amazon. Although we're not a big fan of older games going electronic for a new generation, we are madly in love with this one. The biggest problem with the original Guess Who is that after multiple playings, the face cards slid out of place and ended up somewhere between the cushions of your couch. This version keeps them locked tight and is excellent for 4 years on up.

Gobblet: for $29.95 from Fat Brained Toys. Gobblet was always the underdog in the classroom and it's popularity was gained by one child at a time. Without bright colors to draw them in, it was the cheers of excitement from winning a round that made it a game of interest. It's a quick favorite and self contained without the need for a box that will break or tear over time.

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