Roundup: Double Duty Appliances

Roundup: Double Duty Appliances

Kristen Lubbe
Dec 16, 2009

With the current economy you have to be one of the lucky to even be able to afford a new appliance for your home. So, when you are looking to purchase one &mdash make sure it does double the duty so you get the most bang for your buck.

We're not claiming that these appliances are inexpensive in any way, we've rounded these up because they serve several functions. We workaholics are so used to multi-tasking that now we exactly and need our appliances to do the very same thing.

We've never had a problem with vacuuming (it's instant gratification), but we can see how it would be even more enjoyable if we could listen to music while doing it. Even better, if the music would somewhat replace the dreaded noise of the vacuum &mdash that's why we're suggesting the Electrolux's Silence Amplified Vacuum & iPod Dock.

We know for a fact that everyone has at one time burned their hand because the water from the faucet was too hot. We're pretty sure if you could Safeguard Yourself From Burns With LED Faucet, you would (we would). Speaking of burning yourself, how fun would it be to have your kids help you cook? Wedo Takes The Dangers Out of Stir-Frying For Kids so that you won't have to limit what you cook together.

Do you have any Double Duty Appliances?

&bull Electrolux's Silence Amplified Vacuum & iPod Dock: Help silence the noise of the vacuum with a built in iPod Dock with speakers.
&bull Gorenje Tiki Water Heater Doubles As Heat Pump: Water heater always serves as heat pump. Heats water and rooms.
&bull The Technological Touch Screen Oven By Barazza: Touch Screen display for programming and recipe look up. Also, has a built in USB for software updates.
&bull The 2,000 RPM Maytag Washer Quickens Drying Times: 2,000 RPM means more water is removed so drying time is faster. Automatic door opening to notify when clean and LCD electronic display.
&bull Walnut Pause Heater Uses IR To Heat & Comes MP3 Ready: Made from Walnut, the heater uses infrared technology, directly heating your body. Built in MP3 player and looks like a great piece of furniture.
&bull Wedo Takes The Dangers Out of Stir-Frying For Kids: Includes a chopping board, individual insulated cooking pods with anti-spill lid, and an induction cooking plate. The external temperature in this system doesn't exceed 95ºF. Brings the cooking area to kid height and doesn't leave your children standing on a chair in front of a stove or counter.
&bull The Microwave Alternative: The Breville Smart Oven: Make toast, bagels, toasted nuts, roasted vegetables, roasted chicken, baked tofu, pizza, cake, quick bread and obviously more with a compact oven.
&bull Safeguard Yourself From Burns With LED Faucet: Clean and modern and has an LED-lit black button that will turn blue if the water is less than 78°F. It will turn red when the temperature is above 100°F.
&bull Breville's Programmable Espresso Maker with "Burr" Action: Programmable Espesso Maker comes with a built in grinder, interchangeable filters and a choice of auto or manual operation to ensure the perfect cup is made by beginners and connoisseurs alike.
&bull Kenwood: The Cooking Chef: 20°C to 140°C temperature setting - accurate variable control for gentle warming to real cooking function (so if you need to make dough, or temper chocolate for example). Continuous cooking and mixing function - a controlled stir or mix can be selected whilst cooking freeing time. And just for the heck of it, a food processor attachment as well as a steam basket are included.

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