DIY & Dye: 5 Pigment Dyed Projects

DIY & Dye: 5 Pigment Dyed Projects

Jessica Tata
Feb 23, 2012

I have been experimenting with pigment dyes, and have discovered a world of projects and inspiration that I didn't know existed! Dyeing, as a technique, has always conjured images of tie-dye projects in buckets when I was a kid. But there's so much more that can be are some of my favorite projects!

Rit is synonymous with dye, in my book. They're the go-to for that powerful powder that will transform fabric into seemingly any shade in the rainbow. If you've been to their website, though, you'll find a wealth of inspiration and the constant reminder that fabric isn't the only thing you can dye!

  1. In this tutorial, the Rit team shows, step-by-step, how to use their dye to stain an unfinished table! The possibilities are limitless when you think about the range of colors they offer.
  2. I had absolutely no idea that this was possible: dyeing your extension cords! I love this, too---I've got many of them around the house, and it would be so fun to have a mint green or peach cord instead of plain old industrial white! Furthermore, I didn't realize that plastic could take i'm scouring my home for other things that might take pigment...
  3. This tutorial incorporates "day old" newspaper into artwork for your walls. WIth a pop art inspired theme, you can use dye to transform otherwise mundane materials into decor.
  4. I just posted another tutorial on paper flowers, so maybe you can create a whole garden! This one has you dyeing coffee filters and assembling them into beautiful bouquets of peony-esque flowers.
  5. While a pillow isn't a far stretch in terms of creative things to dye, this technique isn't one I was familiar with! Using hand-stitching to add effects to the dye pattern is an easy technique, outlined more here.

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