Roundup: How To Cool Off Tips

Roundup: How To Cool Off Tips

Beth Zeigler
Apr 20, 2009

042009fan-01.jpgWhile last week we were hoping for warmer weather here in LA, it seems we've gotten our prayers answered in spades--ninety-six degrees today (which happens to be a record breaker)! While we're sweating away in our apartment, we've been rounding up ways to stay cool (without having to pull our portable AC unit out of the closet).

Wikipedia has a great article on how to beat the heat and Sarah C's post highlights her top picks.

  • Open windows and use fans to create cross-circulation currents.
  • Turn off electric appliances, like lamps and stoves, that are sources of heat.
  • Eat small portions of food throughout the day and drink lots of water.
  • Use mint (in a glass of water or in skin care products) to refresh yourself.
  • Apply cold water to your pulse points.

And of course, our AT readers provided great ways they keep the temperature down at home in the comments. Some picks are;
  • Install a ceiling fan.
  • Take cold showers.
  • On any windows that get direct sun, line the curtains with white (or use a pull-down shade) during the day. The heat will bounce off rather than absorb.
  • Go barefoot whenever possible.

While our laptop is a constant source of added heat during the summer months, Unpluggd posted 5 ways to keep cool while computing. Some suggestions were to move your desk next to an intake vent so the heat from the computer is circulated (instead of going right back in).
ReNest tossed up some great suggestions from a DIY blog on how to keep cool. One we're going to try is to freeze our pillowcases before bedtime.

Any more ideas or tips to add to the list? Let's hear it?!

[Image from Lance Catedral]

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