Roundup: More Green Tours You Haven’t Seen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

After the excitement you showed for our last roundup of Green House Tours, we thought we’d dig even deeper into our archives and bring out a few more tours worth checking out. Time may pass, but beauty and sustainability never go out of style…

Suzanne & Joe’s Green San Francisco Flat: “The first thing we felt when we walked into Suzanne Dehne and Joe Wrigley’s flat during the Build It Green San Francisco Green Home Tour was the urge to sit down and stay for the afternoon. Maybe sip a glass of wine or a cup of tea …”

The Janssen Family’s Roving Abode: “We couldn’t have dreamed up a more appropriate house tour to wrap up last month’s Small Cool theme. You may remember Sara, Matt and Bella as finalists from the contest last year. We were impressed by their declaration, “Small is BETTER! Even with a 3-year old and surely more on the way, we will never go back. Small is the new big…”

Amy’s Green House Goes Platinum: “A real estate broker for over 8 years, Amy was tired of seeing the bad quality of homes being quickly but inefficiently built. Amy set herself the goal of proving to builders that an energy efficient home made from local resources is less costly in the long-run…”

Anne’s Sunny Renovation: “With a daughter leaving for college, Anne found her self in a house that no longer worked for her lifestyle. Drawn to a new neighborhood known for its history, she bought a 1960s ranch with high ceilings, and unique fireplace. While most people would have torn the house down, Anne saw potential. Working within the existing shell meant less waste and lower energy usage…”

Inside Marc and Lana’s Big Dig House: “Living in such an unusual space turns conventional decorating on its ear. It is a house where art is the steel beams, and wallpaper is the raw concrete…we’ll take you on a unique house tour where the architecture is the star of the decor…”

Lisa and Ron’s Sustainable Townhouse: “We were tipped off about this home/office by one of our readers, and are super excited to share this peak into a sustainable Chicago rehab with you. Lisa & Ron have done a wonderful job in transforming the home and it obviously reflects their passion in design and sustainability. Built in 1883, their home tells the story of its era, with an interior updated to tell the story of how they live today…”

Chris’ Green Home: “Chris may wear a size 11 shoe, but you wouldnʼt be able to tell by the size of his carbon footprint. Chrisʼ Green Home was originally an industrial Ice Cream Factory and Freezer. Chris purchased the freezer and converted it into a work/living space, which he built with his own two hands. We got a preview of his kitchen last week and now for the rest of the space — his bedroom is on wheels, he sleeps above his computer, he makes his own compost, and even grows his own food. Thereʼs nothing this handy green man canʼt do!”

Jora and Bryan’s Organic Remodel: “Owners Jora and Bryan remodeled a hillside home into their MidCentury-style dream home with an evident focus upon its greatest asset: the unbelievable view. The house is quite a showcase, filled with a tasteful assortment of thoughtfully chosen furnishings and an open-space floor plan that extends out into their expansive backyard where surprises like a hanging hillside deck, organic garden and even a chicken coop take advantage of their property expanse. We’re wholeheartedly envious, but we’re glad to be able to share a peek inside such a showcase home…”