Roundup: Moving Checklists

Roundup: Moving Checklists

Jessica Tata
Aug 5, 2009

Moving is a pain. In spite of the excitement of a new adventure, a new home, or even just a new space to decorate, the physical act of moving is exhausting and the mental toll it takes is palpable. We have rounded up three of the most comprehensive and detailed moving checklists that may help to alleviate some of the stress...

The first place we went for resources in simplifying a move is Real Simple. Always a great resource for tips and strategies on organizing just about anything, we found some great moving resources, as well as a very clear and easy checklist with links to resources for many of the steps.

Our next stop was Martha Stewart---a maven of home and organizational how-tos. Martha Stewart Living featured a great article on Simplifying the Big Move which breaks down a huge task into manageable portions. It also comes complete with tips on packing--which we always appreciate.

We also wanted to include this last list. Published by Real Estate Pro Articles, this list is as comprehensive as we've found. Perhaps more so than necessary--it lists, for instance, all of the possible people and businesses that you may have to send a change of address to! But we actually like the idea of having a list that we can look at, at least once, that hashes out every single detail, because we inevitably forget something in our move. Perhaps we won't use this as our main checklist, but it's a great resource to use at least once to feel like we've covered all of our bases. We don't have a Snow Removal Service or a Chiropractor, but if we did, we wouldn't want to forget them!

Images: Jim Franco for Real Simple

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