Quirky Vintage Camera Inspired Décor

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

As a photographer who has been a part of the transition from film into the digital age I have a deep sense of nostalgia for analog. Vintage cameras have joined the ranks of typewriters in their charming depiction of a simpler time when self-expression had a much more tactile sensibility. While I would never choose to go back (convenience wins out) these quirky pieces are a fun way to incorporate this aesthetic into your décor.

1. The print “28 Camera Drawings” by Christine Berrie is full of colorful illustrations of vintage cameras and pays special attention to the details that make them unique. The print is available through Jen Beckman’s project 20×200 for $50.

2. The “Polaroid Cameras” prints from HeyHarriet come in a set of four. They would look great framed as a series or styled simply on a clothesline as they are presented here. They are available on Etsy for only $18.

3. The “Vintage Camera Photo Album” is a fitting format for the illustration. It holds thirty-six 4×6 photos (it might encourage you to actually have a few printed up) and is available at Anthropologie for $10.

4. The “Camera Pencil Sharpener” is a creative take on an office staple. It’s available at Paper Source for $14.

5. The graphic images on “Camera Coasters” by Kiki are silkscreened in fused glass and are available at buyolympia.com as a set of four for $60.