13 Recycling Solutions from IKEA

We hadn’t really thought of IKEA’s Trofast system as something to use outside of a kid’s room until a reader mentioned repurposing it as a recycling station. Since then, we’ve noticed lots of different recycling ideas within the IKEA catalog, some of them obvious and some not so much…

1 The Trofast Storage System comes in multiple combinations (this one is $62).
2 Slugis Boxes ($3 – $17) are basic plastic bins in a range of sizes and depths.
3 The Knodd Bin with Lid ($25) is a classic metal wastebasket.
4 The Rationell Recycling Bin ($10) is designed to fit inside a kitchen cabinet.
5 The Sortera Box ($9) has a folding lid so that you can open it while stacked.

6 Turned upside-down, the Evert Stool ($5) is a colorful recycling bin.
7 The Fibbe Bin with Lid ($14.99) is a good small-space model.
8 The Andy Drawer Unit on Casters ($25) is an office item that could be repurposed as a recycling station.
9 Plastic Dimpa Bin with Lid ($6.99 each) are washable and reusable.
10 The Fniss Wastebasket ($1.99) is cheap enough to buy as many as you need.

11 Rill Casters ($10 for 4 pack) can be used to create rolling bins.
12 The Vessla Storage Crate ($5.99) comes with built-in casters.
13 If you need a place to hide your bins or bags, the Apa Storage Box is just $15.

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Originally published 2009-08-06 – CB