Roundup: Specialty Paints

When it comes to painting your walls, the decision is not just about color. With an array of specialty paints available (and constantly growing), finishes and functions are other matters to consider. Apartment Therapy is doing our best to cover many of the specialty options out there…

1: Metallic Paint Find a selectino of five glazes from Benjamin Moore and a metallic version from Ralph Lauren, too. And gain a little inspiration, pictured up top in this house by Marcel Prins
2: Aura by Benjamin Moore When Aura paint was in the test lab a year ago, it was strongly recommended.
3: Old Fashioned Milk Paint Sold in powder form, it’s a green option that’s made of just milk protein, lime (which becomes inert when mixed with the acidic milk), clay, and earth pigments.
4: Magic Wall Magnetic Paint This paint makes your wall attract magnets, as seen above used with rare earth magnets.
5: Chalkboard Paint Tilano is one brand (expensive) or, make your own. Pair it with magnetic paint for a stickable and writable surface.

A Home Tech specialty: Wifi Network Protection Paint allows you to secure your network with aluminum-iron-oxide-embedded paint on the walls of your home.