A Roundup of Striped Walls

More and more we’ve been seeing stripes show up on walls and floors adding boldness and visual interest to rooms. Since they only require a can or two of paint, they’re a great option for renters looking to add some cheap improvements that can easily be reversed. Jump below for our favorite versions!

Top Row:
Blue on Blue Stripes as seen at the Upward Bound Project and done by designer Carlo Rios bring in some nautical themes, but mixed with orange play up a bold mid century aesthetic.
Jason’s Hyper Saturated House has a great green and ivory striped floor (here’s a how to for painting a wood floor).
Roundup of Stripes in the Bathroom: from black and white stripes to a simpler blue and cream, stripes in the bathroom are having their moment! Here’s Adrienne’s How To.
Gray And White Stripes courtesy of Nadia Geller’s Blu Project are glamorous and make a large wall more interesting without having to spend loads on expensive artwork or mirrors.
Uneven Vertical Stripes plus a How To liven up a plain wall and paired with the Marimekko Print make a great stripes and florals combination.

Bottom Row:
One Color, 2 Finishes: if you don’t want to go too bold experiment with the same color paint but two different finishes.
Risulinna’s Subtle Stripes are an elegant take on the stripe trend. We love it for the bedroom, just behind the bed.
Red and White Stripes aren’t for everyone, but they’re preppy, patriotic and make a statement.
Stripes or a semicommitment to color: choose an accent wall and go nuts with color!
Purple Stripes lined with gold make for a surprisingly formal (and not kitschy) living room.

(Images: Follow each link for photo credit)