Roundup: Tools for Hanging Artwork

Roundup: Tools for Hanging Artwork

Laure Joliet
Mar 19, 2009

Over the years we've rounded up a lot of tools to help hang artwork. And considering how much hanging art can pull a room together you'd think we'd all be on board. But it takes a big commitment (see all our framed prints leaned against the wall waiting to be placed in the *perfect* spot) to make the decision and sink the nail. Jump below for a roundup of helpful art hanging tools and for a tool we had almost forgotten about:

Remember that whether you're hanging artwork in a line or a discombobulated gallery to hang them so that the center of the frame or the group lands around 57" up from the floor. This is the standard for galleries and museums because it's about eye level for most.

In art school I used the string and pushpin method:
Measure up 57" from the floor where you want your first image, then do the same where you want the last one. Sink a pushpin into each spot and then run some string or thread between the two. This will give you a level line (as long as your floor is level, which it isn't always) to hang along so that a line of images will be in a perfectly neat row.

The hang and level boasts one of our favorite features, eliminates "mistake" holes and scratches. It also helps to hang things level (if you couldn't tell from the name). Reader Studio Starter reminded us about it in our post about a hanging that demands precision.

Here are some other tools that are helpful for hanging artwork:
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If you're too afraid (or aren't allowed) to put holes in the walls:
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Alternative uses for Binder Clips

If you're a renter that isn't allowed to hang things on the wall, how have you gotten around it? Do you use any of the tacky sticky stuff to hang things? Or wires? Or do you just patch the holes later?

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