Roundup: Top Five Computer Related Pet Peeves

080808_sz_techtard.jpg A couple weeks ago we had a conversation with another ATer, who shall remain nameless, about our tech pet peeves. It started when said ATer mentioned his sister’s insistance on typing in the “www” prefix before every website.

We then started listing all the computer related things people do that drove us up the wall. After the break a list of some of the worst…

  1. Going to the Google page (or god forbid another search engine) rather than using the search bar on the upper right hand corner of the web browser. 080808_sz_googlesearch.jpg
  2. Using the mouse to close windows or quit apps, rather than using key commands like Apple+W.
  3. Creating new windows in browsers rather than taking advantage of tabs.
  4. Having way too many icons on the desktop. Hello bad Feng Shui!
  5. Scrolling via scroll bar instead of mouse wheel or keyboard.

Do you have a pet peeve to add to the list?