Here’s Where I Get “Vintage”-Looking Rugs When I Don’t Want To Pay Vintage Prices

published Aug 7, 2019
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There’s no question I get asked more often on Instagram than the one about where I get my rugs. As someone with a deep, undying love for super colorful, vintage-inspired rugs, I always appreciate others’ enthusiasm for them—but when I tell people where I shop, it’s almost always a surprise.

While many assume that my collection of rugs are all vintage or come from a special Etsy shop, the vast majority of them are just from Wayfair and come in at far below $100. While I do love to frequent flea markets and thrift stores to find great steals, more often than not vintage rugs can be over-the-top expensive. And while true vintage rugs are, of course, often sturdier, more intricate, and more unique, not everyone is in a place where they can afford to pay hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars for them. 

These days I have a mix of both true vintage rugs and new, vintage-looking rugs from Wayfair, but all my largest rugs are the latter. While I can swing my budget to buy the occasional vintage runner, my wallet simply doesn’t allow for massive, quality vintage pieces just yet.

Here’s my method for finding the best vintage look-alikes on Wayfair:

You can use these tips to shop on any big-box retailer’s site.

I usually start by searching “colorful rug” and going from there. When I spot one that might be right, I look at the suggested items listed with it. Gradually, by clicking through each suggested rug, I end up at one that’s perfect. I personally love the brightest colored rugs I can find, but if you want the rug to look as vintage as possible, I suggest opting for primary and neutral colors only. 

No matter which you choose, though, definitely check on the reviews and especially the photos posted by previous buyers. These photos have saved me many a time from accidentally buying a rug that looks totally different in real life than they do in photos. However, if you happen to find a rug that you love and there aren’t any photos, feel free to take a chance on it. I bought one of my bedroom rugs on Wayfair on a whim for less than $50 and it is by far one of my most-complimented pieces of decor in the house. It had few reviews and only a photo or two, but it was totally worth taking the chance.

Whether you’re planning on mixing the rugs with other vintage pieces or complementing them with more modern pieces for an eclectic look (this is closest to my personal style), they’re one of the easiest ways to add character to a room instantly. You can have the most boring furniture in the whole world and add a bright or intricately patterned rug and it will instantly change your space.

Buying vintage is certainly more sustainable and guarantees you’ll never have the same rug as anyone else, but the fact of the matter is that it’s just not financially feasible for many people. As someone whose rugs bring them a lot of joy, I think everyone should have access to buying beautiful, no matter what their budget is.

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