Project Natal: Microsoft's Full Body Motion Sensing System

Project Natal: Microsoft's Full Body Motion Sensing System

Anthony Nguyen
Jun 2, 2009

In addition to anouncing multiple titles and improvements to their Xbox Live! lineup, including implementation to allow easy music streaming to your home entertainment center, Microsoft revealed their newest endevour in the field of hands-free motion-sensitive control, the cleverly code-named, Project Natal. We imagine this could have endless new possibilities if placed in the hands of the right developers who expand away from typical gaming options into other interactive realms for the whole family: from virtual home decorating/painting, to home workout routines that build upon what the Wii has already offered (real weights, anyone?), to high-def cooking games (to practice BBQing before you burn your entire batch of pork chops)...the possibilities seem only limited to the amount of content Microsoft is willing to allow through their floodgates of their online marketplace. Watch the concept in action, after the jump.

The technology, as demonstrated in the video below, appears geared toward allowing users to control games, but also movies and anything else on their Xbox 360 system using their hands without the need for controllers. A motion sensing camera not only captures movement, but is set to scan in real world objects to use in programmed situations and facial recognition offers customized possibilities and settings for each family member! One up for the Microsoft team.

Perhaps in due time, we could see this technology implemented to allow physical walk-thrus in real estate - allowing the potential buyer to "open the doors" and cabinets or even create a complete simulation to see what it'd be like to wake up everyday in their brand new home.

What do you guys think? Do you think Microsoft will follow through with this new vision of theirs and take it to a whole new level of human-computer interaction? Let us know in the comments.

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