Rumor Mill: New Nintendo DS Lite’s By The End of the Year

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It looks like Nintendo’s done updating just color schemes on their ridiculously popular Nintendo DS Lite system – instead, expect an on-board camera, better WiFi, and music playback to be just a few of the new abilities you’ll see in their next overhaul. We’re not sure if they’ll shrink it again to make it a SuperLite DS, but we’re excited to see Nintendo keeping the market fresh with their portable gaming money maker.

Our spy Nikkei Net suggests the new version to be priced at below 20,000 yen ($189 USD) and would hit the shores of Japan first before having the rest of the units ship to the states. If they get it here right before Christmas, well… you know exactly what we’ll be waiting for in our stockings.

Photo courtesy of Mcdeez.

[via Kotaku]