Rumours: ThomasPaul Pillows Are Over?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We just received an email from the folks at Pillows and Throws saying that ThomasPaul is discontinuing their pillow line.


In the world of throw pillows, TP has been a very happy addition. The good news is reserved for those clever Pillows and Throws folks who have bought the lot up and will still be selling them for some time to come. See their email below. Over at the beautiful TP site, however, it seems to be business as usual, and it is hard to believe that this is a GOOD business decision. Only time will tell.

Greetings AT,

We just returned from a busy, productive buying trip to NYC. However, the real news has nothing to do with our buying trip…

It is a shocker and yes the rumors are true. Thomas Paul will no longer be manufacturing. That means no more Thomas Paul pillows. Done. Finis.

We have been on the phone with the Thomas Paul warehouse all morning. We have bought up large quantities of remaining pillows. (Unlike many online retailers, we do carry a substantial inventory in-house). Starting tomorrow, we will be having a “Last Chance Sale” on all Thomas Paul pillows that we have in our inventory. Big discounts. Limited quantities.

As for Thomas, he is taking a different direction and will be working on licensing his designs. We wish him the best and look forward to seeing his designs again sometime soon.