Rustic or Rosy? Which Outlander Look Would You Bring to Your Backyard?

published Apr 6, 2016
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(Image credit: Starz)
(Image credit: Outlander | Starz)

Here at Apartment Therapy, we’re no stranger to swooning over beautiful homes and outdoor spaces – so it’s no wonder Outlander’s gorgeous settings are giving us major wanderlust. The next best thing to traveling to Scotland or Paris this spring? Bringing touches of the Starz hit series Outlander to your own backyard. We’ve made moodboards for both seasons’ dreamy settings – which one is your favorite?

(Image credit: Outlander | Starz)

With less than a week until April 9th (when Season 2 starts on Starz!) the first season, set in the Jacobite Scottish highlands, got us thinking about moss, wild strawberries and stone circles. Season 1 had its fair share of highland hills, 18th-century castles and wind-swept moors. This season, the series takes us inside the homes & gardens of 18th-century Paris, dripping with lilacs, lilies and hanging vines. Season 2 promises palatial gardens and parks, with sheltered corners for secret meetings. Which look would you travel back in time for?

Inspired to bring these romantic looks into your home? Here’s how we’d do a garden based on each season:

(Image credit: Starz)

Season 1: A Scottish Highlands Garden

  • Wildflowers and natural grasses
  • Rustic concrete planters
  • Planted ferns, mosses and wild strawberries
  • Stepping stones
  • Creeping thyme
  • Lavender
  • Cairns or stacked stones to bring a bit of Craigh na Dun to your yard
(Image credit: Starz)

Season 2: A Charming Parisian Garden

  • Pale pink roses
  • French lilacs
  • Lilies (symbolic of the fleur de lis)
  • A bistro table
  • Folding bistro chairs
  • Hanging vines
  • Scones and jam for breakfast in the garden