Saber: Los Angeles graffiti artist

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Is graffiti art? Whether you agree or disagree with that question, there is no question that as Los Angeles residents, we get to see our fair share of it. We don’t pretend to understand the world of graffiti artists, we know it’s an inner world that is dominated by some talented kids [and some not so talented] and a heirarchy arranged by their own inner world.

Saber, a Los Angeles graffiti legend, has had his first collection of work published in a book called Mad Society outlining stories of childhood, fine art and his graffiti misadventures including his most acclaimed piece spanning the size of a football field off of the Los Angeles River.

Not all of his work is delinquent. He has also finished his first solo show in San Francisco as well as creating movie sets, and working for Harley Davidson as well as Levis.

Whether you love em or hate em’ graffiti artists most likely won’t be going away any time soon. We’re sure it’s just a pipe dream but something to consider… What if they actually produced public art that could be embraced? taking a negative and making it a positive. Something for local government to consider if we have any politicians reading.