Sackaroo: It's a Reusable Bag... For All Your Reusable Bags!

Sackaroo: It's a Reusable Bag... For All Your Reusable Bags!

Jonathan B.
Apr 23, 2008

Yup, you got that right. And before you recoil in horror at the thought of yet another reusable bag, let us explain. Sackaroos are not intended for us urban folk who daintily tote home a few leaves of arugula, a 5 ounce block of tofu, and call it dinner. They're meant for real Americans who fill their SUVs with bulk goods.

We fall into the urban, arugula eating category ourselves, but we do make the monthly pilgrimage to Costco to stock up on staples and reasonably priced, delicious cheese, so we think even urban folk like us could be convinced by the Sackaroo's eminent practicality and its inoffensive, unobtrusive appearance: we'll use pretty much anything as a tote bag as long as it doesn't self-righteously scream "I'm Not A Plastic Bag."

The Sackaroo, shown center, carries up to eight mesh bags ($8 each.) Each of those bags will hold the contents of four regular plastic grocery bags or up to 25 pounds.

Another Midwestern value: it's made in the USA. See if that's true about any of your reusable bags; ours were all made in China.

Available online for $19.95, or as a set with 4 mesh bags for $39.95 (marked down to $29.95 for Mother's Day.)

via the San Francisco Chronicle

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