Saddleback Leather Briefcase

Product: Saddleback Leather Briefcase (coffee)
Price: $423
Rating: *Recommend

Being on the go is part and parcel of the rockstar blogger’s life. Well earned adoration and huge paychecks obligate us to be ready to upload cutting edge info in Poe-esque prose, anywhere we are, right now. Coffee shops, private jets, and classy stretched Hummers are our offices and we need equipment that will maintain the same pace as our finely tuned fingers on the keyboard.

Sigh… at least we have coffee shops…

*So, as a statement of disclosure, I must mention that I own and operate a leather bag company (Acton Treadway) that sells some products that compete directly with some of Saddleback‘s. I think you’ll see the bag gets a fair shake here but it has to be pointed out.*

Saddleback has been making great stuff for the past few years out of leather that could stop a .50 cal bullet. Pick one up and you’ll understand why they offer a 100 year warranty. Every seam has been stitched with adamantium thread and clamped with saucer-sized rivets. Chromed rings and hardware everywhere, this bag will last longer than you.

As far as how it carries stuff; it does it well. As bloggers, we need to always have a laptop with us, ready to type with. And even though it stopped working about a year and a half ago, we keep our 15″ Gateway Tablet PC comfortably nestled in the main compartment at all times. That is about as big as it will handle, which is pretty big indeed. In the front compartment we have a smaller cell/wallet/newton sized pocket that will help you keep those items separated and close to hand. There is also a cool keyring strap that you can keep your keys on to prevent you from getting caught in those embarrassing Halloween murder scenarios fumbling for entry at your front door.

As far as how it looks, we felt that this baby could fit well in most circumstances- the style is neutral and the rugged look is something that attracts eyes. The leather is an oil-tanned variety which generally means you can scratch the heck out of it and it will only look cooler. Those who want the tidy look should try the Apple store but if you want a stud-ly looking buddy to back you up in a pinch, this is your man. This is a briefcase you will not be nervously looking out the plane window as the bag guys heave your precious cargo onto the cart. There is a bit of weight to it, but that is a good thing… and it stands up by itself no matter what you put in it.

Super tough, tons of hardware, classic looks, stands up on its own, protects your stuff.

A bit heavy, a lot of hardware means contact with other things can be a problem occasionally- careful where you put it down.

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