Safe Bet Gifts For The Home-Minded

Safe Bet Gifts For The Home-Minded

Leah Moss
Dec 17, 2011

Being known as somewhat of a decoraholic, I'm often the recipient of scads of gifts meant to beautify my domicile. But as I'm sure you already know, friends, there are really very few safe bet gifts for the decor obsessed because, afterall, we're a picky bunch. So what are those safe bets? Chime in!

First off, I feel the need to mention that this post isn't intended to be a complaint. I'm always grateful for homemade ornaments and other Christmas-spirit-inspired wares. They have sentimental value, and I actually delight in some of them more than I do in, say, a designer rug.

However, one home can only handle so many vases and clay pots and throw pillows. Especially if vases and clay pots and throw pillows are not your thing. Which brings me to my point, it's very hard to know what someone else's thing is, and even if you do know, it's hard to know what is actually needed and what will just be excess.

So here's my short list (because I don't have a long one...remember, we're a picky bunch):

• Air plants. These may be saturating the design blogosphere, and they may even be a little creepy looking, but they are great conversation pieces, and for the blackthumbs amongst us, they are a welcome bit of low-maintenance green. Plus, ahem, from personal experience I know that even if you do manage to kill them, they still look cool in their dried out state. I think they look especially great in a suspended grouping using cb2's whirly hanging candleholders.

• Potted Orchids. Any home, regardless of style, can benefit from the sculptural elegance of an orchid. Like airplants, they are low maintenance. Overwatering will actually kill them, and they bloom for at least a month. Look for ones that still have buds to prolong the blooming phase.

• Linen Dish/Hand Towels. I'm a bit obsessed with linen to begin with, but I've noticed that even friends with more tailored or more modern decor sensibilities take equal delight in linen's organic appeal. Plus, dish towels and hand towels get worn out and stained more easily than many other home linens, so they are usually a welcome addition. At the moment (ok, for the last gazillion moments) I'm crushing on these striped beauties from Brooks Farm General Store.

Ok, your turn. What are the best home related gifts you've given or received? And which ones would you be happy to receive year after year?

Image: Angel At My Table

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