Sally Breer's Inspired Functional Chaos

Sally Breer's Inspired Functional Chaos

Bethany Nauert
Aug 29, 2013

Name: Sally Breer of Commingle Home + Shopclass LA
Location: Highland Park; Los Angeles, California
Size: 400 square feet
Years lived in: 6 months

Sally Breer is one of my absolute favorite people in Los Angeles. She's an extremely talented interior designer and has an incredible knack for turning any room into a highly styled but unpretentious space. The most recent project she's tackled is her personal office and design studio, which is situated in the rear of Shopclass.

Sally is no stranger to Apartment Therapy — we've featured her vintage store Shopclass, as well as Alan Yang's home, which she designed. She'll soon be hosting a tastemaker sale on One Kings Lane, and Sally's business is rapidly gaining accolades. She was recently a nominated by Curbed LA as one of Los Angeles' best designers, and Shopclass has been featured on many shelter magazines and blogs.

When she is not out sourcing materials for projects and shopping for her clients, Sally loves to retreat to her office in the back of her storefront. During regular business hours there are often 2 or 3 people occupying the space at a time, but Sally confesses that her favorite time to come in is on Mondays when the store is closed. Her office exemplifies what she loves best about decorating and style. There are layers of many different collections: artwork, materials, books, lighting, and of course all the necessities for a functioning office.


Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: Functional chaos that inspires us.

Inspiration: It sort of came together gradually and organically. My objective was to get the bones of the office (or the functional pieces) as neutral as possible (and affordably) because the nature of our business is that we are always coming across new and wonderful things that move us. So by keeping the bones clean, I can easily change the entire vibe by just replacing the rug or switching out the paintings on the wall. It's important to me that the space can evolve and change easily if I want it to.

Favorite Element: Probably that I can be surrounded by so many beautiful objects. It changes constantly, because I store a lot of things for projects in here, or I hold on to them in the office until I find the right home for them. Right now a good majority of the things in my office are for the One Kings Lane tastemaker tag sale that I’m doing. It’s hard because sometimes I get attached to things the longer I live with them in the office, so occasionally I decide to just hoard things and not sell them (like my growing Nemadji collection).

Biggest Challenge: The size of the office is without a doubt the biggest challenge. It was hard to make the space feel both functional and also maintain a sense of flow. We really needed it to accommodate two work spaces, but I also needed a place that was separate that I could spread design ideas out on. The round white table was the perfect compliment to the space because it’s adjustable, so I can raise it up to be a work space height or I can lower it down when I have a client meeting and just want to go over ideas at a coffee table height.

What Friends Say: Most people that walk into the office get sort of lost in all the objects and oddities.

Area where there is room for improvement/future projects: The space is rough and always could use improvement, but for now it works :) (until it doesn’t!)

Proudest DIY: Probably my hanging orchard ladder. It wasn’t an intentional DIY — it was a spontaneous flea market purchase and I didn’t really know what to do with it, but by hanging it from the ceiling I’m able to get a little texture into the otherwise white cube and simultaneously store my extra bolts of fabric on it.

Biggest Indulgence: I haven’t really indulged in the space to be honest — I really wanted to work and live in it a bit before I really spent a ton. The work table and storage cabinets are all IKEA — I just had a piece of plywood lacquered and added to the top of the cabinets (again, I wanted to be able to change the vibe by easily just changing the color of the plywood if I suddenly got the urge!).

Best Advice: Organizing is one of the biggest keys to making my business function and I’m still working out the best system, but I think the best thing I’ve learned is that if you designate a home for things they’re more likely to end up back in that spot and not get lost in the fold and ultimately end up creating chaos in your space.

Dream Sources: Flea Market / Estate Sales / 1st Dibs / SHOPCLASS

Resources of Note:

Desk -Ikea Counter top (mounted with L brackets to the wall)

Wall Mounted Storage Cabinets – The cabinets themselves were just IKEA but I had my carpenter just cut and lacquer a plywood top to sit on top and “finish” it off. Lacquer is super durable so I knew it could handle a lot of ware and tear.

Desk Chairs- they’re vintage and truthfully change almost weekly. We usually just grab different ones from the shop when we feel like we need a change.

Teak 3 Piece Wall Unit- is vintage and from our store SHOPCLASS

Adjustable Round Work Table- is also vintage but it came from my partner (from SHOPCLASS)

Pair of Leather and Chrome Lounge Chairs – Vintage/ Mies Van Der Rohe…I have another pair that I’m actually selling on my One Kings Lane sale!

Rugs – both are vintage Persians that I’ve picked up a long the road.

Brass Lamps & Naked Lady Paintings- Are all vintage and will be for sale during my One Kings Lane sale!

Wall Task Lamp- Vintage (from SHOPCLASS)

Thanks, Sally!

(Images: Bethany Nauert)

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