Sally's French-Glam Hyde Park Home

Sally's French-Glam Hyde Park Home

Jason Loper
Jan 6, 2011

Name: Sally Schwartz
Location: Hyde Park — Chicago
Size: 2000 square feet
Years lived in: 9 — owned

As the driving force behind one of the city's best antique markets, I suspected that Sally Schwartz would have a beautiful and unique home. I was not disappointed! Sally's Hyde Park condo is an absolute reflection of her varied interests. While the floor plan is definitely classic Chicago, the décor has a stylish global touch.

I love a dramatic entryway and Sally's, with its striped walls and heavy dose of mirrors, is breathtaking. This entryway sets the tone for the entire condo – it lets you know that you've entered a home that is stylish and unique.

Of course the first thing I noticed was Sally's lighter collection hanging on the living room wall. Lined up on old pipe organ pipes, Sally's collection contains every kind of old lighter imaginable. I admit, I'm not always a fan of displayed collections but when they are presented in such a unique manner I can't help but love it!

The long dark hallway may have been one of Sally's biggest challenges but she has made great use of it. Putting her desk in a little alcove in the middle of the hallway is not only great use of otherwise wasted space, it's downright practical! As Sally points out, having the living room and kitchen separated by a long hallway can be frustrating. With the desk in the hallway, its positioned right in the middle of the action.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: New Orleans, French glam, out of Africa, broke ass Versailles, eclectic

Inspiration: Old wood, high ceilings, contemporary & provincial art, gold gilt, mirrors

Favorite Element: My cigarette lighter collection

Biggest Challenge: The dark, long tunnel of a hallway with all rooms off of it – living room at one end and kitchen at the other

What Friends Say: Oh that Sally!

Proudest DIY: Adam Tihany chairs from Pace Gallery – new silver and black rose design velvet fabric covering all the seat backs. And it was a DIY in the sense that I asked someone would they please "Do It, Yes?" As in, I screw up every DIY except patching my daughter's blue jeans.

Biggest Indulgence: I always swing for the bleachers. Chagall hand signed litho, bought at Art Expo in 1990 from an Art Gallery in Beverly Hills. Impulsive, overpriced, lost value the moment I bought it. But I love it. Also salvaged the doors from my 120 yr old house in DePaul (that was being torn down) and had two mucho huge cabinets made to keep everything that had once been in that dining room hutch.

Best Advice: Art is EVERYWHERE and can be had for next to nothing! You can buy an old book with pages and pages of gorgeous color or wood block prints, pull them out of the book and have them mounted and framed -- instant collection for any room or hallway. Good art can alter your mood for the better and make you calm, happy, amused. Surround yourself with things that make you happy to look at, know what colors elevate your mood. Clutter can ALWAYS be pared down and you won't miss it. Someone will want something you have if you don't want it so rearrange things and swap out your stuff to keep your collections fresh.

Dream Sources: Any amazing market anywhere in the world where you don't know what you'll find. Fabulous dead people's estates, where I'd get to be the first one to cherry pick. I myself would die and go to heaven just to get a crack at Elsie de Wolfe's superlative stuff!

Resources of Note:
• Of course, Randolph Street Market/Chicago Antique Market dealers.
• Broadway Antique Market
• Jim Rose Ironworks
• Thomas McCormick Works of Art
• Hyde Park Art Center art sales
• Salvage One
• Designer Howard Stolar/Carol Wolk Interiors, who rearranged my living room and had better ideas in 2 hours than I could believe possible

Thanks, Sally!

Images: Jason Loper

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