Salon 94 Seeking Broken Toys for Artist Project

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Sirui works with Salon 94 and contacted Ohdeedoh with a request. The gallery is seeking no-longer-functional toys for a project called “Recycled Landscapes” by a well-known artist that will be completed in September. Jump below for all the details:

Items suitable for the project are:

  • Plastic or rubber balls, either hard or soft, but not inflatable
  • Mechanical or electrical toys that no longer work
  • Plastic capsules for toys from vending machines (those bubble “eggs”)
  • Plastic or rubber figurines or action figures

    Sirui says: As the project is rooted in the idea of sustainability, we would prefer that people keep working toys for charity donations– the more broken the better for us!

    The Salon 94 staff is happy to coordinate drop offs (at either LES or UES locations) and pick-ups if necessary.

    Contact person: Sirui,, 212.529.7400

    Photo: Broken Barbie by plemeljr on flickr, creative commons license.

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