Salon on Domino: The Conflict Intensifies

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This just in. From a reader out West, the debate continues as we were sent a link to this article in Salon which says “Don’t buy it!” as the mag “reduces readers to consumers without brains or a sense of style.” Here’s our reader’s response:

I am conflicted about Domino. Its not the Lucky Life sections that I thought were so good, and in some ways I think Met Home’s 10 pieces of furniture are somewhat more useful. and I always liked their High Low pages, but Shop Etc does that now too. Todd

Conflicted is where we may all be until we can actually read this thing for a few months. We have already given our first impression and will certainly continue to consider our opinion as the mag rolls out AND even as we allow a large portion of our site get rented out by the Domino advertising department, but “reducing readers to consumers without brains or a sense of style” seems like a harsh first pass.

The people at Domino are either going to have style, be useful and win us over or they won’t. The truth will out. MGR