This “Smart Closet” Will Dry Clean Your Clothes For You

published Jan 29, 2020
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Credit: Samsung

No time to go to the dry cleaners? Samsung can help you with that.

The company recently introduced a smart closet that can air, steam, dry, and purify your clothes for you. Called the Samsung Air Dresser, the internet-connected appliance looks like a locker from the future, complete with special hangers that allow your garments to be thoroughly cleaned.

How it does it is pretty futuristic, too. It uses blasts of air to remove dust particles, then gets rid of bacteria and viruses using high-pressure steam, followed by a Deodorizing Filter which eliminates odor from things like food, smoke, and sweat. It then applies low temperatures to dry your clothes off.

And if you’re not keen on ironing (who is?), the company says it has a Wrinkle Care mode.

For those with dust allergies, there’s a bonus. According to Choi Cheon-woong, a medical professor at Kyung Hee University in Seoul, the machine can get rid of fine dust—as much as 99% of it—stuck in your garments, while the filtration system makes sure there are no lingering contaminants in the closet.

Credit: Samsung

Because it’s a smart device, it comes with a touch-screen control pad in the mirror and artificial intelligence that will suggest how to best clean and maintain your sweaters, dresses, shirts, and delicates.

You can install it in your laundry room, bathroom, or even in your bedroom. Samsung claims that the cleaning process is quieter than traditional laundry, so that you’ll be able to sleep through the night even while it operates. It also won’t require a fixed water supply or drainage.

The Samsung Air Dresser comes in one color, Crystal Mirror, and comes in two sizes: A version that fits three hangers and a version that fits five. The company has yet to release pricing and availability.