Samsung Anti-Bacteria Air Conditioners

Samsung Anti-Bacteria Air Conditioners

Gregory Han
Feb 28, 2008

When we first glanced at the units above we thought Samsung had released a new slim line of inkjet printers. But in fact, the two units above are germ-killing, air cooling models capable of eliminating 78 percent of fungus and 58 percent of bacteria in a 30-minute time frame from your interior...

We don't know what makes us laugh more: the fact that the photo on the left looks very much like our situation sharing a bed during the summer months, or because it looks like they're sleeping under an HP printer and she's going to get Google map directions falling on her head throughout the night (maybe an alarm clock idea with instant to-do list upon waking up?).

Samsung's proprietary Micro Plasma Ion (MPI for short) technology kills unwanted germs and odour using silver lined components and a green tea extract filter, all the while working 30% more efficiently than a standard air conditioner. The Vivace Shadow Mirror and Neo-Forte models shown are rolling out in Asia right now (available in Singapore for $799 to $899 in Singapore dollars), but no word when we get ditch our fugly window mounted units for something smooth looking like these air-cons.

[via Crave Asia]

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