Samsung Navibot: Sucking Up Roomba's Customers?

Samsung Navibot: Sucking Up Roomba's Customers?

Kristen Lubbe
Feb 23, 2010

The Roomba is getting a rude awaking. So far it has been the ruler of the robot vacuum world and frankly, we think it's about time someone else steps up and tries their hand at this game. It's a huge market &mdash so let's see what you're working with, Samsung.

The Samsung Navibot robot vacuum is being released across Europe beginning in March. There's no word of a release in the States yet, but, we're assuming it'll happen in the near future (not that we can really afford the €399 - €499 price tag!)

The Samsung Navibot captures 30fps video of your home, taking note of where each and every piece of furniture is located. It figures out the best way to navigate around your home and even remembers where it left off, should it die mid-cleaning and need a quick charge.

There are five different modes, including Auto, Max, Manual and Spot mode, as well as Edge Clean, plus the capability to delay the start of the clean so it can go about its business when you're out and about. The €499 model will feature a sweeter design, touch buttons and two Virtual Guards (allowing you to section off areas you don't want vacuuming), the €399 model will have hard buttons and one Virtual Guard.

It apparently tested really well in Italy last year, which is why we're assuming they are only releasing it in Europe for now. If only they could get a robot vacuum that can climb stairs, then we'd be sold on this.

[via engadget]

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