Samsung SC88P0 TwinChamber Canister Vacuum Lands on U.S. Soil

Samsung SC88P0 TwinChamber Canister Vacuum Lands on U.S. Soil

Gregory Han
Mar 8, 2013
Samsung SC88P0 TwinChamber Canister Vacuum Samsung SC88P0 Bagless Canister Vacuum$279.99 (NewEgg) • Samsung

Consider Samsung's SC88P0 the newly arrived Korean kissing cousin of the British Dyson vacs. Sharing some of the futuristic vehicle styling in canister vacuum form, the sleek profile TwinChambers aren't just for captivating looks (complemented by the electric blue finish): the two chambers help keep 95.2% dust from ever leaving the filter with the help of a HEPA H13 Exhaust (capturing 0.3 micron sized particles). The 15" motorized brush attachment is anxious to get cleaning, requiring a little arm strength to keep it from pulling you ahead like an excited labrador on a leash, but well-suited for traversing high pile carpeting with ease thanks to its power...

Yikes, that's a lot of cat hair, dust, and other miscellaneous particles in there after  just two cleanings in a one-bedroom apartment.

The SC88P0 was extremely adept at pulling out pet hair and dust from spots I didn't realize needed the extra attention (I only wish it had a particle sensor to further hunt down areas in need of cleaning), and operation is simplified by controls for power, suction setting, and brush motor on/off available with a press of a button. In use, the vacuum can be fairly quiet, but once you engage the motorized brush (which you'll want in most carpeted surfaces), you'll definitely know the vacuum is putting in work regardless of suction mode.

Also included, a 3-in-1 upholstery/crevice attachment and a hardwood floor attachment; I found the motorized unit works fine with the brushes turned off and adjustable height set to low even for hardwood surfaces. Construction is convincingly built to last, with a solid plastic housing designed for the bumps and dings that happen while vacuuming, all backed by a 5 year warranty. 

(Images: Samsung; Gregory Han)

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