Sandra & Justin's Kitchen: New Plumbing, and a Bit of a Break

Sandra & Justin's Kitchen: New Plumbing, and a Bit of a Break

Jun 25, 2013

Justin patching cement where the old gas and water lines were pulled from.  

Name: Sandra & Justin
Type of Project: Kitchen remodel
Location: Arlington, Texas
Type of building: Single-family home, 2,450 square feet

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This week was an extremely welcome break for us. We took a backseat and mostly just watched the professionals do the physical labor. We had guys at James Rowe Plumbing come in and shuffle the gas and water lines for the new kitchen. They jack hammered out the old gas and water lines, which were in the center of the room, where the stove and sink had been. They then rerouted them, tapping in the gas line in the attic and down a wall to put it on the right side of the kitchen, where our new range will go. 

The pit the plumbers jack hammered in our floor to get the old plumbing out.

New plumbing on the left side of the kitchen has us situated for the sink and dishwasher; promise that this new kitchen won't be cramped and crowded into the middle like the old one. Now that felt like progress. Before we filled in the giant crater in the kitchen floor, we had the electrician come in and shuffle a few things around as well. He rewired the room to kill some old outlets and set us up for a few new ones and additional lighting. Then we to pulled our first permit for city inspection. Passed that, and then Justin cemented in the pit. The sheet rock crew will clean up the wall and ceiling holes in the weeks ahead.

While the professionals did their thing, I also spent some time this week continuing to research and source appliances. After pouring over Consumer Reports and online reviews and a lot of pricing research, I bought the Bosch dishwasher of my dreams from the Sears Outlet for a song. And while I couldn't justify dropping another grand or two to get the professional range of my dreams, I settled quite happily on an exceptionally well reviewed Frigidaire range oven, on sale and with a coupon, online from Lowe's. 

We stapled all the plans to wall for easy reference for us and the contractors.

Other notes from this week: we are adjusting to life without a kitchen. We are hoping to avoid eating out too much, to save some money and give me yet another creative challenge. Wahoo. We set up the toaster oven, a microwave, and a slow cooker in the dining room to work with for the next month and a half. I just been telling myself it's like camping, but better, because we still have our own beds, showers and electricity. The kids are being good sports about it all and love not being on dishwasher duty, but I'm afraid the novelty of washing dishes in our master bathroom is going to loose its luster soon. 

It's still fun and exciting at this stage, but it feels like we have so, so much to do.

Estimated time for project: 10 weeks
Time remaining: 7 weeks

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(Images and diary text: Sandra Jergensen)

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