Sanyo Eneloops Go Lite

Sanyo Eneloops Go Lite

Anthony Nguyen
Mar 11, 2010

Recall that battery face-off we did a while back where the Sanyo's Eneloops came out on top? Well, if you didn't, you should know that they're positively one of the awesom-est batteries out there - and now, with a Lite edition for all your low-power consuming electronic devices.

The new Sanyo Eneloops use the same nickel-metal hydride found in the rest of the Eneloops, but only allow electronics to sip on energy, instead of guzzling down electrons like a power hog. So in other words, it's perfect for alarm clocks, remote controls, and un-demanding Bluetooth what-nots that you use once a day or less.

As usual, the batteries will be sold in packs of two AA's for $9.00 and AAA's for $7.00. According to Sanyo, the batteries will yield up to 2,000 recharges and are ready to use out of the box, even after three years in storage. Not bad.

The rollout of these batteries in Japan start around June 22, but we're sure a global release would not be too far from the future.

[Image: Unplggd - Best Remote Storage Solutions]

[Via Cnet Crave Asia]

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