Sara and Oliver's Colorful Treetop Bungalow Revisited

Sara and Oliver's Colorful Treetop Bungalow Revisited

Ashley Sheping
Jan 5, 2010

Name: Sara, Oliver, Winter and new addition, Penelope
Location: Portland, Oregon
Size: 2000 square feet, + 300 square foot guest apartment
Years lived in: 4 years

You may remember this house as one of our most popular color posts back in October. We only displayed a few photos at the time but after so many people showed such genuine interest in this home, we thought it would be crazy not to show you more.

We were excited to see some new additions to Sara and Oliver's home after only 2 months! Since they were happily awaiting the arrival of a second baby, it was necessary to re-do the back upstairs bedroom. They decided to divide the long, narrow space into two separate areas. One room as a reading/play area and the other as Winter's new bedroom. To make the room even better, Oliver constructed a mini door within a door for Winter's amusement. We are told that he and his friends spend hours going in and out of the door, checking the mail and using the door knocker.

Another special surprise was their Christmas tree. Instead of throwing the 2008 tree to the curb, they saved it all year long to re-use it in 2009. After it was all dried out, they trimmed some branches, plucked excess needles and painted it a bright red. In our opinion, the outcome was more wow! than it was Charlie Brown. Now, they have a tree that can be used over and over again for the future holidays.

Apartment Therapy Survey

Our style: eclectic, happy, personal, informal, kid-friendly. we aren't following any rules, probably because we don't know any. we like to keep it unique and true to who we are. we don't take it too seriously. we want it to feel lived in and fun.

Inspiration: i want people to want to come over, and when they are here, i want them to feel like they got to know us better by stepping into our space. i want to walk into each room and feel happy. i get ideas from AT, domino (RIP), Anthropologie, my best friend Jen - who has a unique, sassy and fearless sense of style. i leverage these sources for inspiration, but then make an effort to put our own spin on things.

Favorite Element: the view, red chandelier, Mona Lisa, my shower

Biggest Challenge: house was built in has good bones, but it is old, this is good but also a challenge. Oregon weather/climate, plus our sloped property makes it hard to keep the yard under control.

What friends say: yikes, that's a lot of color and pattern.

Biggest Embarrassment: closets and drawers...we are working on this...

Proudest DIY(s): converting bare bones art studio into guest house (added plumbing, sewer hookup, walls, bathrooms). outside table, made of salvaged materials by Oliver. also winter's mini door and the red Christmas tree.

Biggest Indulgence: 6 burner viking pro stovetop - Oliver is an amazing chef and we have never regretted this expense

Best Advice: Don't take yourself too seriously, be confident in your decorating decisions. paint something red. Add twinkle lights.

Dream Source: I'd love to browse Parisian flea markets for some treasures while eating a crepe...


Sara and Oliver are big DIY'ers and like to use craigslist and reclaimed shops as a source to make items unique for their home.

The dining table and the guesthouse bed has been custom built by an Oregonian log furniture artisan. The green hutch was originally natural wood from the unfurnished furniture store.

Most of the carpets are from Ikea, the bar stools are Crate & Barrel and the amazing stove is by Viking.

Thanks, Sara & Oliver!

(Images: Ashley Sheping)

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