Sarah Rae’s Favorite Posts of 2010

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My favorite type of green posts as Cambria mentioned recently are those that take ordinary items and put them to use in new ways. We can talk about wind energy and recycling till we’re blue in the face, but what really makes me happy is being able to give old items, materials and treasures new life, especially when it means flexing your DIY skills and saving a few pennies.

My Favorite Posts from Re-Nest

  1. Give Dead Markers New Life As Dyes & Stains : After working in school systems for many years, I’ve thrown away far more than my share of dried up markers. I love knowing they can still give new life as different dyes with a little effort, super cool!

  2. Small Space Alert! 4 People and a Dog in 180 Square Feet: When I first took the tour of this amazing space over on Apartment Therapy I swear I forwarded it to everyone I know. It’s the perfect hideaway. And when I saw it on Re-Nest I took the tour once more and loved it just as much.

  3. 25 DIY Projects That Cost Less Than $50 : This time last year I wrote this roundup of ideas that come in under $50 around the home. Throughout the entire year it’s had some serious staying power and I still reference some of the activities in the post as most of them are on my to-do list!

  4. How To Clean Your Bathtub With A Grapefruit & Salt: When I first took a grapefruit into the bathroom with me my husband complained that I was wasting fruit. But quite often there’s that one rogue piece of citrus that gets lost at the back of the fridge and this is a great (and rather cathartic) way to use it up before it hits the compost bin!

  5. The Great Tupper-War: 6 Glass Containers To Use Instead: This year my family went all glass in the kitchen. Yes, it’s eco-friendly but it also doesn’t retain any smell from our less-than-awesome tap water. Well worth the money and these are great choices.

  6. 49 Creative Reuse Ideas That Will Inspire & Surprise You : This post will keep you busy for quite sometime. If there’s an item out there to be repurposed, you’ll find it here!

  7. 20 Creative and Repurposed Kitchen Storage Ideas: I haven’t had a normal kitchen for the 5 years. They’ve all been converted lofts, warehouse spaces and now an old church. Repurposing and making do is the name game and this is a great roundup of super smart ideas!

  8. How To Live Packaging-Free: Emily’s posts are always green yet doable and although I don’t have her amazing finds from the California farmer’s markets, small tips like eliminating packaging have made a huge impact on my life over the last year.

  9. Eight Products You Think You Need—But Don’t : Although I had already been doing without most of these products, it made me take a second look at other items in my life that I’ve since been able to let go of.

  10. Family Cloth: Non-Paper Toilet Paper: Sometimes I really just like to see where everyone else stands on an issue. Watching people weigh in on something like going without toilet paper is almost as interesting to me as the latest episode of Glee or Mad Men!

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Welcome to Re-Nest’s end-of-year roundup!
We’re making our way through 2010 and rounding up some of our favorite (and your favorite) posts. Also on deck during this time: the Re-Nest editors get personal in our “Meet the Team” series, a special group of guest bloggers share their green resolutions, and we go big with Green City Guides, from Montreal to Madison.

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