Sarah Rae's Light Bright & White Dream Studio Space

Sarah Rae's Light Bright & White Dream Studio Space

Sarah Rae Smith
Apr 2, 2010

In my dreams all spaces are high ceilings with giant windows boasting a great view of the city. But what makes a small space really great is finding practical pieces for how you use your space. My own needs really only mandate a place to eat, sleep and do work, so that's where my main focus was for this dreamy white studio space!

Atoll 000 Conversion Bed in it's two stages.

Atoll 000 Murphy Bed: One of the largest components in our space is this Murphy bed. Although we're not keen on having a desk or table on the back of our bed, we really like the idea of having it come down over a fairly large sofa, killing two birds with one stone.
Flor Tiles: Being pet owners these tiles have saved us time and time again when it comes to cleanup.
White Wood Floors: Small spaces always look bigger in white and we can't help but love them shiny as well.
White Washed Brick: We love exposed brick and it brings a great deal of personality to a small space. Although it's not exactly something you go out, buy and install, we'd like to think that in our dream world we could find a space with it so we could white wash it up!
Graph Desk: from CB2, it's large enough to get the job done and small enough that it won't take up a great deal of visual weight in the room.
High Shelving: Even if it means a ladder has to be used, high shelving is for sure the way to go when it comes to a small space.
Flowers: Small spaces benefit greatly from something else living in the space. Even if you don't have large windows like this space, cut flowers for the week are still a great, healthy investment.
Stainless Steel Prep Table: We like the idea of pulling up a barstool or two, but even in a small space, kitchen prep and room for serious art projects is essential for us, picked up from a restaurant supply store or auction, these can be quite frugal as well! We can also hold all of our dishware and appliances underneath.
Tall Skinny Refrigerator/Freezer: Even though we'd like to say we could make do with a dorm size fridge, that just isn't going to happen. We like the tall skinny models for a small space, making use of more space than just floorspace.
Pets: Although many people prefer to keep a small space pet-free, we think they make them feel alive, warm and welcoming. Plus, we couldn't live anywhere without our Boston Terrier, Wilbur. Did you see him yesterday in an Easter Egg over at The Kitchn?

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