Sarah Rae's Modern Farming Escape

Sarah Rae's Modern Farming Escape

Sarah Rae Smith
May 25, 2010

When it comes to the perfect outdoor space, there isn't really the ideal answer. Some might be looking for a place to hang with their kids, others might require the ideal reading nook and a few could be looking for something a bit playful. In my own personal space I'd like something that allows me refuge from mosquitoes and sun with a super strong emphasis on urban farming. My husband and I are always doing something, so the idea of kicking it in a hammock isn't really our style, we'd much rather be farming (or um, playing horseshoes).

After a few short minutes of spending time in the sun, I come out looking like a lobster and mosquitoes tend to think I am the best treat on the block, so although I double-plus love being outside... outside doesn't always like me being there.

That said I have a strong passion for gardening and producing as much fresh food as you can on the land in which you have to use. My ideal outdoor space gives me room to relax away from the rest of my home while keeping an eye on the cucumbers and chickens, even if it seems a little out of the norm!

There's a few things not pictured above that are must haves, so don't forget to check out the bottom for a few items left out from the mish-mash above!

A shipping container would make a great place to take refuge from the elements without obstructing your garden view (assuming you have a few glass walls that is!). Plus the space can also double as a guest room.

A chicken coop is simply a must. Sure it's nice to support local farmers, but it's even nicer to support yourself!

Raised Beds (we like these low organoponic ones found at Vithouse) are a must for a backyard gardener. The soil in our neighborhood is hard clay and that just won't do for tasty eats!

Moonlight Orbs would be a perfect fit in a city where more traditional hanging lighting will be blown to bits or frozen over. We think the soft romantic glow from them would transform even a practical space such as this into one that might double as a dancefloor with a special someone.

Our outdoor space doesn't require much as we're not super into filling our spaces with things that need to be maintained. Our gardening space is always enough work for us, so we like to keep things minimal! We would like for our space to contain a charcoal grill, smoker and wood fire pizza oven. Although we didn't include them in the graphic above, they're still a must for us. We just didn't want the chickens to be pictured so close to their eventual end... thought it might give them a complex.

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