Sarah’s Natural Wood and Brightly Colored Office

(Welcome to Sarah, who’s trying out for a spot on our editorial team. Enjoy!)

I’ve been spending so much time in my office lately that I really should think about making it more comfortable— a couple of softer pieces for tea breaks and breathing room, color for cheer and lots of natural wood because it feels so nice.

1 My dream green office!
2 Desk from Studio Moe made from reclaimed timber
3 Comfy chair from Gus Design Group made from FSC-certified wood.
4 Gorgeous clip-on lamps from Junktion made from reclaimed electrical parts
5 This amazing stool from Zoe Murphy is made from an unstitched wedding dress which was hand dyed and screen printed with earth friendly inks.
6 This desk organizer from Etsy seller Less & More is handmade without any glue
7 These chairs from Mabeo Furniture are hand crafted in Africa using sustainably harvested wood.
8 This storage stand by Junktion is made using old wooden drawers.

Thanks, Sarah!

(Images: as linked)