Sarah’s Superman Compromise Bedroom

Name: Sarah
Location: Fort Collins, Colorado
Type of Home: Single Family Home

Color Inspiration: As my boyfriend bought this house and were deciding on a palette for the bedroom we simply matched his favorite color with mine. I love everything brown (I always save those m&ms for last!) Jack loves blue, and the rest is history…

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Superman Compromise

Color Inspiration continued: We chose white as accent color and I feel like all the artwork matches the palette well. The lighter wood tones of the floor and blinds warms up the large chocolate wall, while the dark furniture creates contrast. Thank goodness Jack’s superman pillows match our colors, I learned when you live with a boy, you sleep on superman pillows. How would I describe this room? Super-sanctuary.

Colors Used: Ralph Lauren, shale blue VM124
Ralph Lauren, Stable brown VM84
Ralph Laurel, neutral white NA41

Color Tip: 50% (blue), 40% (brown), 10% (white) is a great ratio for color. Different tones of colors also bring nice contrast to the space. Use colors that make you feel good, the whole room should make you feel good!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
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