Sash Rings

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Talking to a neighbor last night about our building’s windows, she said the old windows in our building used to have sash rings on them. I had heard of sash pulls, the handle installed on the lower sash of double hung windows for ease of opening the window. But, I asked her, what’s a sash ring?

Well, turns out a sash ring is another piece of window hardware that installs on the upper sash. Its purpose is the same; to open the window. She was remembering these because our new windows have no hardware at all. Windows are opened by just pushing up at the glass stops, which often gets fingerprints on the glass. These just might be a must, along with sash pulls, to properly outfit our building’s windows. The sash ring pictured is from Uk company Tool Station but they’re all over the web. (Thanks, Deena!).