Feed Your Appetite: 10 Food-Themed Kitchen Accessories

Feed Your Appetite: 10 Food-Themed Kitchen Accessories

Elizabeth Licata
Mar 21, 2012

This weekend I learned of a study that says looking at images of delicious, high-calorie food can make the food we're actually eating taste better. Now I find myself inspired to cover my entire kitchen in representations of rich, indulgent foods so my friends will think I'm a better cook. Read on for some food-related kitchen decor that may actually make a person feel better about eating quinoa instead of bread pudding.

• Shaker Your Bun Bun Set — ModCloth, $12.99
This salt and pepper set looks like a double cheeseburger. Shake some seasonings over your salad and reap the cheesy benefits.

• Maine Course Oven Mitt — ModCloth, $17.99
Eating braised kale instead of lobster? Use this tasty-looking foam friend to protect your hands. Try not to fixate on thoughts of butter.

• Good Nanners Wine Stopper — ModCloth, $9.99
A glass of wine a day is supposed to be all kinds of healthy. If you stop there, this banana bottle stopper will help keep it nice for the next day.

• Treat Your Shelf Light — ModCloth, $29.99
This glowing, giant gummy bear can be sat on a counter or mounted on a wall, and he contains no artificial flavorings or high-fructose corn syrup.

• Little Goat Cheese Painting — Art on the Menu, $70
Look at that bloomy rind and creamy pate. This 4"x4" oil painting looks good enough to eat.

• Cupcake Magnets — 12LegsCuriosities, $10.99 for two
Let's face it, cupcakes are never, ever going to go out of style. But that's OK, because these twee little kitchen magnets are sparkly and adorable. I suspect they're probably fat-free, too, considering that they're made out of glitter and beads.

• Cupcake Teapot Cozy — JacksKnits, $25
Is this a teapot cozy designed to make your teapot look like a giant pink cupcake? Yes, yes it is. There's even a cherry on top.

• Pepperoni, Mushroom, Sausage Pizza Painting — TastyPaintings, $275
Talk about a provenance; this painting isn't a picture of a slice of delicious pizza, it's a picture of a specific slice of delicious pizza. Forget hanging portrait of mom, hang a portrait of a pizza from Salvation Pizza in Austin, Texas, instead.

• Cupcakes and Airstream Print — TastyPaintings, $30
I wasn't in a mood for a cupcake when I started writing this post, but I am now. This 10"x10" print by Kaci Beeler reproduces her oil painting of cupcakes from the Hey Cupcake! Airstream trailer in Austin, Texas.

• Milk Pitcher — BrentSchreiber, $480
Getting thirsty after all those cupcakes? Brent Schreiber's photo-realistic black and white acrylic painting certainly refreshes.

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