11 Ways to Appease Your Inner Clean Freak This Weekend

published Jun 8, 2019
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Credit: Sylvie Li

I don’t hate cleaning. I’m pretty content with a podcast in my AirPods and a good mop in my hands (though I’m usually loath to admit it). Those of us who enjoy not only the end result of a clean space but the the process of getting there tend to have high standards. And when those standards are met (which may not be too often because, honestly, they’re often unrealistic) we get more out of it than the average take-it-or-leave-it I-clean-because-I-have-to Joe.

We’re clean freaks, okay? So here’s a roundup of super satisfying, rarely tackled deep cleaning projects to get you in the mood. Just don’t tell anyone how much fun you’re having.

Credit: Minette Hand

1. Ceiling fans

Start high and get those blades dusted. Seeing how much dust you get off off your ceiling fan — and out of your living space — is its own reward.

2. The tops of your kitchen cupboards and refrigerator

Even though no one may know the difference once you get these dust collectors clean, you will.

3. Window tracks

These are tedious; there’s just no getting around it. But nothing lets the sunshine in like a window that sparkles in all its parts.

4. Baseboards

Not just the bare ones in the common areas, but the ones behind the furniture, toilets, and doors that stay closed. The ones no one would ever know about. And get those corners and crevices, too.

Credit: Minette Hand

5. The inside of your kitchen drawers

Especially the silverware drawer. Take everything out and wipe down the drawer beneath any dividers and the the dividers themselves before you replace everything.

6. Underneath your appliances

Get a yardstick and rubber band a rag around the end to clean under your appliances without moving them. If you’re feeling really thorough, move them so you can sweep and mop beneath them.

Credit: Anik Polo

7. Your books and bookshelves

Take your books off their shelves and dust their tops. Next, dust the shelves. If you’re so inclined, sift through your collection and only keep the books that speak to your heart.

8. Your cleaning tools

When was the last time your vacuum cleaner got cleaned or your mop bucket got disinfected? Do this now before you officially begin spring cleaning and you’ll feel extra ready.

Credit: Lula Poggi

9. Garbage cans and recycling bins

This one isn’t fun to do, even for clean freaks. Here are some tips for making them cleaner than ever.

10. The refrigerator

Not your weekly clean-out and swipe-down. Take everything out, wash the shelves and drawers, and wipe down each item before you put it back in the fridge.

Credit: Submitted by Tam-Anh

11. Kitchen appliances

Including your oven, dishwasher, toaster oven, microwave, and coffee maker.